I'm Tom Cole, a software developer living in Milton Keynes in the UK.

My interest in computing started early and I hacked around with an old Sinclair QL before getting my first PC. I started programming in QBasic and later Visual Basic before heading off to study Software Engineering at Sheffield Hallam University.

Despite focusing on C++ and Java at university, on graduating I fell into a short contract role developing a equine website in C# and ASP.Net for the now defunct CleeSaddlery.co.uk. Since then I have focused primarily on web development (with the odd console app and windows service thrown in) and particularly on Microsoft technologies.

These days I'm most comfortable writing code in C# and Javascript and tend to use MVC for most web projects I work on. Recently I've been using Coffeescript quite heavily.

About This Blog

The intention of this blog is as an outlet for my ponderings on software and the software development process. As a result the opinions and statements are my own and not representative of my employer.

I've had a few attempts at posting regularly to this blog but have often lapsed, I resolve to try harder in the future.

The blog itself is hosted on Github Pages, using Jekyll and Markdown. The styling is adapted from the Clean Blog startbootstrap.com theme.